This resource contains all of the information that students need to analyse
El Salon Mexico by Aaron Copland.

It also contains background information on Aaron Copland and 20th century
The student completes analysis questions in the workbook as each powerpoint slide is viewed

Examples of power point slides

ppt14ESM Habanera


Examples from workbook
WB Intro 2

Students complete this page after Slide 14 has been studied. At the beginning of the workbook, students are helped to answer using appropriate vocabulary

ESM Sect A 2

ESM SEct A 2a

These pages are completed after the teaching and learning associated with Slide 28. The teachers book contains information that supplements, where necessary, questions and answers contained on each slide

twentieth century overview

The work book also contains contextual information on twentieth century music and some useful internet links for students to research further information on twentieth century music, Aaron Copland and folk music

The resource consists of:
Student workbook with scaffolded activities (54 pages)
Workbook - model answers and extra teacher information
Interactive power point which links to the workbook
Teacher notes on each of the power point slides

Because of audio and video content within the power points,
it is not possible for the files to be sent electronically.

On payment they will be dispatched to the purchaser within 5 working days.
The entire resource will mailed on a CD.

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