This unit teaches students to create a melody over a chord progression and to alter the melody by using passing notes, auxiliary notes and changed rhythm.

African Skies wb eg
As the students view each slide of the power point, they complete the corresponding section in the workbook applying the information by choosing their own notes to form the melody and adapting the basic melody by inserting passing and auxiliary notes and by changing the rhythm.

African Skies ppt eg

The final composition task is an individual one, but students need to work together to perform it.
Working with Chords task eg

The resource consists of:
Unit plan with links to Key Competencies
Student workbook (8 pages)
Interactive power point for use when teaching the skills
Teacher notes

Because of audio and video content within the power points,
it is not possible for the files to be sent electronically.

On payment they will be dispatched to the purchaser within 5 working days.
The entire resource will mailed on a CD.

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