This resource contains all of the information that students need to analyse Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.
This a work that is frequently used as one of the two works needed for Level 1 Music Works.
It could also be used as preparation for NCEA L1 Materials of Music.

HC Score Rdg

This power point is designed to help students who are not confident music readers to follow the vocal score and a piano reduction of the orchestral score

HC Form

The series of slides explains:
phrase (opening and answering)
fugue and fugato, melisma
sequence, imitation, repetition
introduction. anacrusis, pedal point
inversion, augmentation, pedal point

HC Texture

Texture slides explain:

monophonic, homophonic and polyphonic (contrapuntal) texture

Dynamics slides explain:
terraced dynamics, editorial dynamics, climax

HC Motif

Slides look at contrasts of melody within each section as well as melodic contour (shape) and range

Excerpts from Student Workbook

HC WB Melody and rhythm

Many of the activities in the workbook have a literacy focus
HC WB Cloze.jpg

Students learn to apply the technical vocabulary appropriate at this level.

HC WB Aural

HC WB Form

The resource consists of:
Student workbook (21 pages) with a second copy (teacher) containing “answers”
Five teaching interactive power points which link to the workbook
Assessment task and schedule (student) and a second (teacher) schedule containing expected responses
Unit plan with links to key competencies

Because of audio and video content within the power points,
it is not possible for the files to be sent electronically.

On payment they will be dispatched to the purchaser within 5 working days.
The entire resource will mailed on a CD.

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