This resource contains all of the information that students need to analyse each animal in Saint Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. It also includes all information students would need for the contextual aspects of the Level 2 Music Works standard.

The material can also be used as preparation for the Level 3 Music works standard. Teachers who have a single multi-level class in Years 12 and 13 will find this particularly useful.

A full orchestral score is needed. This is commercially available and could be either ordered locally or on the internet. It can also be downloaded (free) from IMSLP. Click the link below to go to the site.,_Camille%29#Full_Scores


Beg analysis with vocab

Students are guided with vocabulary to use as they begin to analyse the work. These literacy-based activities help not only with the analysis of this work, but also with preparation for the Materials of Music standard.

Carnival no vocab

Once students become familiar with the vocabulary (and how to use it), the tasks are scaffolded so that the student must select appropriate elements and compositional devices for the later movements.

Carnival Aural task

Some tasks help with the preparation for the externally assessed music standards.

The examples below give some idea of the content of this section of the workbook. In addition to the information pages, there are student assignments.

CotA Cont1CotA Cont2
CotA Cont3CotA Cont4
CotA Cont5CotA Cont6

The resource consists of:
Student workbook (48 pages)
Two introductory tasks with a literacy focus
Assessment task and schedule containing expected responses
Unit plan with links to key competencies

Because of large size, it is not possible for the file to be sent electronically.

On payment it will be dispatched to the purchaser within 5 working days.
The entire resource will mailed on a CD.

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