The aim of this game is to ensure students learn the language and detail expected to achieve success in describing musical elements and features for the
Materials of Music standards (Levels 1 and 2)
Aural standards (Levels 1 - 3).

Below are extracts from the 2008 assessment reports for the external standards at both Levels 1 and 2
Level 1
“Candidates lacked precision in their use of both musical elements and English. Building a strong music literacy basis, with a clear understanding of elements, is essential, and begins at Year 9”.
Level 2
“In both papers, candidates confused rhythm with tempo, metre or articulation and candidates who did not achieve the standard, lacked knowledge of the basic music terms”.

The game consists of a series of small cards containing statements that students place on a score or select when listening to music examples.
No scores are included, but (free) scores are available from:
These are some of many sites available

Students are able to work individually, in pairs or in small groups.
Examples of topics and statements are shown below. These are just a selection of over 200 statements.
Statements for Elements detective

The resource consists of:
A set of cards that can be photocopied and laminated
Instructions for playing the game
“Spare” cards for adding extra statements

It is possible for these files to be sent electronically.

On payment they will be dispatched to the purchaser within 5 working days.

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